Porn Studies

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f Twitter +1 (630) 373-5283 Porn Studies “Porn Studies is the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to critically explore those cultural products and services designated as pornographic and their cultural, economic, historical, institutional, legal and social contexts. Porn Studies will publish innovative work examining specifically sexual and explicit media forms, their connections to wider media landscapes and their […]

Abundant Love Is…

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f Twitter +1 (630) 373-5283 About the company Abundant Love Is… Too Brave to Lie (desiring integrity to myself over ease of discomfort) Too Generous to Cheat (desiring something more than my trust) Too Loyal to Betray (desiring something other than my favorable feelings) Too Interested to Isolate (desiring something more than my efforts) Too […]

We Flirt Like Flies – Until we get slapped.​

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 We Flirt Like Flies – Until we get slapped.​ Be curiously brave enough to ask “What do you want?” rather than “What can I get away with?” We flirt with Death like flies flirt with my swatter in the summer at 3pm when I’m hot, tired and crabby.  Because it’s exciting […]

Which number is bigger?

Which number is bigger?​ Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 1 has more height 2 has more thickness 3 has more value So it depends on each person’s concept of “bigger” matching.  In this limited example you have 1:3 odds of matching, 33% chance you pick the same as I do.  And this is a question with […]

Hot Piston’s Peppermint Power Potion

Hot Piston’s Peppermint Power Potion​ Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 A cooling drink to lighten hardworking masculine hearts June through September.  May you be exposed, unrestrained and able to enjoy life. Cheers. Peppermint is known for its cleansing ability, enhancing awareness and financial success, so is an ideal herb for raising the vibrations wherever you earn […]

Manage the Program of Regret with Goddess Generosity

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 Manage the Program of Regret with Goddess Generosity To give away regret we must know first what it is that is making us feel badly, and then  rather than trying to do something “better” and struggling at it, see it for the fact of what it is and find a way […]

Trust your training, trust your equipment, do the next step.

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 Trust your training, trust your equipment, do the next step.​ Being a soldier in the Army, taught me who I am, Warrior Goddess as I know her to be the personification of Persistence.  Strategically thinking your way into the next phase. Ask any warrior worth their salt in history what is […]

When Creating a Throne Room

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 When Creating a Throne Room​ I walk best dressed in Mother Gaia Glow of Creator. Naked as Nature, I wrap myself in human masterpieces of great expression and understanding – the music, the artwork, the science, forcing their way into the secrets of mastery is gorgeous.  This captures the attention and […]

Risk vs. Reward in Relationships

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 Risk vs. Reward in Relationships​ When we’re talking about investments, we’re all familiar with the idea of risk and reward. The greater the potential rewards, the greater the risk usually is. But what about relationships? Is this a viable idea to apply to our interpersonal interactions?    Ask yourself this: Is […]

Introduction to NON-MONOGAMY

Youtube Instagram Facebook-f +1 (630) 373-5283 Introduction to NON-MONOGAMY Know this: the intensity of love is always changing. Don’t put something this precious at risk. We intend to celebrate sex in all of its expressions as free from guilt, shame, or fear because there is no rehearsal for relationships, there is only actively relating.    Be mindful […]