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Erotic Heritage Museum Las Vegas July 27 to 30th.

“Tell us what they want."

Erotic Heritage Museum LAS VEGAS JULY 27 - 30 2023
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Erotic Heritage Museum Las Vegas


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Would you believe me when I say that men are actually more romantic than women imagine and women are more sexual than men suspect? A hard-to-recognize and cruel irony, right?

Still, it is true…

… but it only comes to light when men are in a relationship with someone they’re supremely connected to and trust with their hearts.

Lots of women believe men are not very excited about intimacy.

However, most men trust deep intimacy only with an incredibly special woman that makes him feel in charge, respected, desired. They’ve been raised to be hard and getting to the point where they trust a woman with complete transparency is nearly impossible for many of them.

The truth?

More than anything, men crave a relationship where they can express their most guarded emotions. They ache to find “the one” who they can reveal themselves to complete.

On the flip side, lots of men think women are not really interested in sex.

Nonetheless, it’s simply that a woman only trusts herself to be open and wildly passionate with an incredibly special man that makes her feel safe, protected, contained, worshipped. They’ve been raised to be modest and not sexually or even sensually active. Trusting a man to welcome her wild sexuality is scary AF for many of them.

The truth?

When a woman meets a man who she can trust herself fully with, the uninhibited passion she is capable of will come out in large and will make his jaw drop. Both jaws! Many women crave for a man that can receive and hold their unbridled desire and respond to it accordingly.

From the time we were teenagers guys have been taught that it’s them on the gas and women on the brakes. Imagine the surprise of men when they encounter a woman confident enough in herself and trusting enough in her man to let go of everything and show him the depth of her passion.


Imagine the surprise of women when they meet a guy confident enough in himself and trusting enough in his ability to hold her to let go of all societal restrictions and give him her full-blown sexuality.

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Connection with this level of trust is rare, but we intuitively know it’s possible. Even though many of us lost hope in finding this.

Because the intimacy men are capable of is mostly represented in romantic movies for women only…

… and the sexuality women are capable of is predominantly displayed in adult films for men only.

As a consequence of exactly this, the majority of each gender believes that these levels of openness in both intimacy and sexuality are pure fiction.

The truth though is that absolute trust between men and women is the missing ingredient in here.

With openness, we can discover intimacy so powerful that every on-screen romance will fall flat in comparison. And with trust, we can witness sexual abundance that makes any online fantasy seem limp.

Men and women both want the same thing.

We distrust each other, though, because our process of getting there comes from opposite sides of the rating scale and we lack clarity on how to reach the middle….

So remember, underneath his bravado is a desire to be truly intimate and vulnerable.

And underneath her modesty and Good Girl-erism is a longing to be seen and held in her sexuality wholly.

Let’s meet halfway…

… halfway is where the magic happens.

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