We Flirt Like Flies - Until we get slapped.​

Be curiously brave enough to ask “What do you want?” rather than “What can I get away with?”

We flirt with Death like flies flirt with my swatter in the summer at 3pm when I’m hot, tired and crabby.  Because it’s exciting vibration that makes us feel alive, I thought,  “What if the vibration from our swat is orgasmic for the fly and they get off every time they annoy me?!” Then it came to me, “They are bratty little subs who are getting off on my loss of control and they experience a burst of my power like a slap on the pussy!” Well then, Wow, are the flies enjoying this summer toying with the edge of death!  But, that’s all a part of being out in the wild in the summer unprotected.

However, if I have my boundary of a house screen, and then they get into my world from theirs, now it’s time for precision action. They are not welcome to be beyond my boundary.  And in that “thin space” where death is sure to come at point of infraction, we humans exercise consent.  Every single thing we do at this point must stay within the bounds of grace or we terminate at time of violation.  

So it’s best we tell each other what “the bounds of grace” include. 

If the sound of the fly drives you crazy – Don’t hook up with a talker, they’ll all sound like flies! I don’t mind so long as I can still think.

If the fly is felt on my skin, it will be slapped. You will try to get away with being there, until a nerve is triggered by a hair tickled and “SLAP!”  

Now if this is how we behave, as a fly in the grace of my bounds, we are living on the edge and are at risk always.  

Now you try: Boundaries Worksheet

Goddess note on the side: We humans are mites shitting on the face of the planet, and we follow these same steps; and they are simply the laws of consequence. If we bite into the earth with our drilling and our dredging and redirecting and restricting, the planet is bound to slap us. Stop causing unpleasant feelings to the body of the Earth! The magic of the difference between flies and humans is the ability to ask for consent to be within the bounds of Earth’s grace.  And just as we study and question and measure the answers science gets from Her, we can not be flies getting the pleasure swats tempting fate anymore.  Now we must be Aware Beings. 

Operating within consent is the magic of humanity.

CHOICE is having the ability to learn more and the freedom to change minds.  

VOICE is our responsibility to exercise by asking and answering.

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