Manage the Program of Regret with Goddess Generosity

To give away regret we must know first what it is that is making us feel badly, and then  rather than trying to do something “better” and struggling at it, see it for the fact of what it is and find a way to generously share the burden with others.

I was cleaning out my purse when I found these three coupons, all of which I earned but which have also unfortunately expired.  Now, I have $57 of regret in my lap.  I have two options: Struggle with Regret, again (since this isn’t the first occurrence) or make a plan to give it away generously next time.  

Now, rather than struggling with these feelings and getting down on myself that “I should be better at this and obviously a real goddess would be more organized and why am I so wasteful?!”  STOP.  Ask first, 

Did I go there in the last few weeks and I forgot I had these? 

then yes, shame on me for being disorganized.

Did I need to go there to buy anything after getting these coupons? 

Then Yay! Good for being frugal and buying when needed!

Did I go there just so I wouldn’t lose the coupon value and probably pay twice as much as I’m “saving”… 

Uh oh, the marketing is working on you!  RESIST!!!

Manage this programming of regret with goddess level Generosity of Spirit

When awarded the tender certificate of savings, the thrill of winning has already registered the delicious dopamine, we don’t need to spend later to feel that joy in the future – that’s what addicts do.  Hedonists rather feel that joy immediately by passing it to the person next in line.  Then I have given immediate savings and that feeling of goodness and generosity now came from me.  Shining light as evidence that there are good people doing good things for the world and that Light is real.   

Note: This is not a selfless act of altruism, well not much is really selfless at all, now is it?

1. I get the pleasure of being awarded the certificate of tender in the first place. 

2. I get the delight energy from the person receiving my gift of tender

3. I allow zero regret into my purse.  

4. I leave doubly happy and no future upset to face later. 

Where else can you think to apply this generosity in your life?  

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