When Creating a Throne Room​

I walk best dressed in Mother Gaia Glow of Creator. Naked as Nature, I wrap myself in human masterpieces of great expression and understanding – the music, the artwork, the science, forcing their way into the secrets of mastery is gorgeous.  This captures the attention and imagination of men, women, angels, and gods regularly.  Knights come to prove their worth, gain my favor, go with my blessing, to protect these very things that I adore. Music, Art, Science, and the wild Physique, all of them – all the varieties. I Honor those who master them, and even more so, those able to relate their joy to another to enjoy, to enter into your joy.  And so, now entering the Renaissance one must be aware of the Fray.  Yes, I walk and see the essence of The Fray dance around me. But here, this is entering the thin space of LaGrange Point.  I have accompaniment from Saint Nick, my guard for the festival. He’s made a pet of dear Devil – who, by the way, claims Satanist affiliations at the gate.  I’m in good hands. I know what he values and I know his worst villain.  It’s dark – not evil. He’s a keeper.  

I find my throne room only moments after sitting here among the century’s old growing trees.  Trees being our dear reason to breathe, us needing what the other must give and we needing theirs, is an amazing flow of perfect giving.   This is where we will find win-win-win options of mutual respect and equal desires.  Done.  I take off the sarong of Monet’s “cherry blossom” and lay it across the lounger set to put my gloriously naked body into a gauzy white hand embroidered duster coverlet.  I center my emerald green décolletage necklace on the fifth chakra. I feel the fidelity to truth, clarity of purpose, and the natural inspiration of a dirty mind that’s necessary to facilitate fantasies.  

The throne room commencing right before my eyes. I see the ones who want to see what’s happening start to peer over because there’s a rustling, the ones doing the gathering cause a fuss because there’s always something worth fussing about, and it gravitates to someone who looks like they can do something about it. So my throne room is no different in that all those same groupings occur, only we are focused on the joy of wish fulfillment only to settle for the realities, but we find satisfaction because we gain understanding. 

The One before who speaks in red said to “love your neighbor as yourself”.  So, “as yourself” is the unit of measure by which to love all others from.  Your measuring cup only “runneth over” when you keep a modestly full cup and others add to it.  

Now, the way this works is simple.  So simple, you can do it too, in fact. 

Answer this:

What do you desire? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is the obstacle keeping you from that desire?  


What do you do when you are in flow? 


Great! This is what you are willing to solve for someone else easily – like a tree breathing. You start there. Goddess take care of the rest… 

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