Which number is bigger?​

1 has more height

2 has more thickness

3 has more value

So it depends on each person’s concept of “bigger” matching.  In this limited example you have 1:3 odds of matching, 33% chance you pick the same as I do.  And this is a question with only three possible outcomes.  Now talk to someone in conversation and listen to all the words like bigger that can be taken in so many different ways!  Every conversation is a minefield! There is a certainty that something you say in conversation will be taken the wrong way, out of context, or not as intended and you will leave the conversation feeling unheard or misunderstood.  But having this talk with yourself about your agenda for why we do the things that we are doing and are they serving us as we intend are crucial to being the creator of our lives.  So, set your intentions for whatever the action you are about to take next and forward your agenda.

An agenda looks like this for any concept:  I want, because it will, so when I can / have, I will stop this to take action and make it happen.


  1. I want: example to get high, to raise my vibration, to have more sex __________________________


OK, Great!  Let’s do it.  Why are we doing this?

2.  Because it will feel more, be more, do more, receive more, allow more, give more ____________________________________________________________

Wonderful, How will more of that be positive for today?_________________.


  1. More” looks like: (an action) _____________________________________.
  2. So when this happens _______________”when I have a concept, it triggers this to happen next____________________________ I will stop what I’m doing to write it.”
  3. Wonderful! Because you can always go back and begin again.  


After all, you can have more, but can’t have it all at once. This moment’s inspiration can not stay in this realm for long and will vanish like a dream if I continue enjoying the lazy river stream of thought, so I must allow the concept to tumble out through me in the moment. 

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