"Kate is a wonderful woman, beautiful and out of the ordinary in a fantastic way! The session was nothing short of amazing . . . " - Grazie
"I'm happier than I'd been in a long time. That's the impact you have on me and in my life !! Just being around you makes me happy." -Eddie, Melrose Park
"I had a fantastic experience with Kate. Our session was all I had hoped. She completely blew my mind!" - Reagan
"She exceeded all expectations . . . She has the incredible ability to make one feel very comfortable . . . She is a wonderful person who exhibits true compassion and is very easy to engage in dialog." -Blair


About Me

Hi, I’m Kate Oliver, A licensed professional educator and creator of 8th Fantasy ™ branding infused Bliss products and events. I offer Relationship counseling (individual and couples) and alternative lifestyle consulting (LGBTQIA+, Polyam, Kink/Fetish). What would you ask the leading sexuality experts?

I help balance relational expectations and erotic management by building simple agreements into complicated relationships. As a sex educator I have clients spanning adult-virgins and newly singled, religiously shamed and socially disenfranchised, incest and trauma survivors to those persons experiencing genetic sexual attraction as adults, those in their trans journeys and gender affirming cross dressers to those experiencing the confusing emotions found in consensual non-monogamy, infidelity and chastity.

Take a new approach to the pursuit of Happiness by identifying what’s most important & valued, what you want, and why it’s motivating you now to run your life like an ethical enterprise.

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"I give sex advice, help balance power in your relationships & encourage sexual expressions so you find self acceptance using erotic management."
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Promotes inclusivity and sex positivity through live voice and text-based chats.
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Hi! I now offer my online consultations. As a licensed professional educator, author, founder of The KINDer Foundation and creator of 8th Fantasy Goddess™ events. I teach you how to identify with clarity around who you are and what you want in your sex life.

My Why

I love freedom. That’s why people from all over the world come here. Your sexuality is important. You need to be free to express who you are, sexually. Your kink is a vital part of your sexuality. That is why the freedom to express your kink is important to your mental health and sexual well-being.  Therefore, having a place where you you can be supported and safe to freely express your kink is vitally important to your well-being. If you desire that space to release your kink, that is where I come in. It is my pleasure to provide you with that supportive, safe place for you to express who you are and become whole as a human being.

Kate Oliver

My Mission

My Vision

To create a fun, nonjudgmental, safe-space for you and I to embrace and express who you are, to help you thrive through education, and to build a sense of community by providing events and opportunities to meet like minded people.


To inspire the creation of a world where the expression of love and intimacy in all its forms are accepted, embraced, and celebrated.

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Welcome to the next wave of Sex Empowering Sex-Ed, bringing sex positive people like YOU with personal, safe outlets in one on one sessions and wildly fun events. 

I relationship manage others as a sex educator. I have clients ranging from adult-virgins, religiously shamed, and incest survivors to those persons in trans journeys and cross dressing to those experiencing emotions found in both infidelity and consensual non-monogamy. But most often it’s sexual dissatisfaction within a relationship.

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Client reviews

Kate is a phenomenal person to work with! She is always cheerful and has a smile on her face. She takes pride in her work, and her teachings help you understand yourself on a whole different level.She is very easy to speak with, handles herself professionally, and ensures that all your questions and needs are met. I definitely recommend working with Kate and appreciate everything she does! You will not be disappointed! Thank you so much Kate for all of your hard work and guidance! I look forward to working with you again soon!
Dan L.
I met Kate, we sat on the couch, she explained a lot, she asked a couple of questions, and she read me and saw right through my eyes. We went to the quiet room put some relaxing music, taught me a few techniques, it was amazing. After the session she read me tarot cards and Omg spot on. I will definitely be going back for another session.
I had a fantastic experience with Kate. Our session was all I had hoped. She completely blew my mind! Kate is incredibly aware of the subtleties of human interactions and how a relationship dynamic develops from the first moment you meet. I began learning from her immediately. In addition, her office is stylish, eclectic, and comfortable. We began with some time on her sofa to connect and thoughtfully negotiate how our massage exchange would proceed. Then, we moved to her comfortable massage studio with a great table. She was so generous with her time, and my experience was her only concern. I felt completely free of all outside distractions and could thoroughly relax. I left the session with plenty to think about.
This was an incredible experience. Kate was incredibly warm, welcoming, and inviting. This space was very inviting. The space was very impressive and felt very professional and intimate at the same time. It was a truly unforgettable experience and I look to going back soon.
Matt R.
Most women have the brains, but not the beauty or the beauty without the brains. Or rarer still. both without the heart, the soul, or the compassion to be able to listen or the desire to help their fellow men and women live fulfilled, fruitful lives. You are such a wonderful, refreshing breath of fresh air, falling for you wasn't a choice voluntarily, but moreso an observation of something, someone truly spectacular. It's not why or how could I, so much as how could I not fall for you? How could anyone feel differently than I after meeting you for more than a few moments is the real mystery, it would seem to me?
Kate was absolutely crucial in supporting me at the end of my last relationship. Because of PTSD symptoms, I was no longer able to engage directly with my ex, and so needed support reading and interpreting and reacting to my ex's messages, and as such Kate acted as additional stability and emotional resources when I could no longer see and feel clearly through the reactions of my nervous system. And while the breakup was still crunchy in some ways, I can only imagine how badly it would have gone without her help. Thank you, Kate!
Philippe L.
[Kate] is a wonderful woman, beautiful and out of the ordinary in a fantastic way! The session was nothing short of amazing, she was a confident and engaging host and I felt immediately at ease, feeling a mutual connection. Learned a couple of things from her and I am sure there will be more to discover, I am super excited about that. The time flew by far too fast though and I can’t wait to see her again! Thank you so much for your time, I truly enjoyed it.
Quality Couch Sitting with Kate. If you're looking for advice, support or seeking clarity a point of decision in your life, or you have a difficult conversation without a clue where to start, I know a couch draped in the ambience of enchantment. Located in the executive suite of the charming historical building that provides a safe and personally customizable opportunity to create a third space designed to support protecting the precious privacy. She has developed and reinforces the necessary self care as a pleasure practice. . When I sink into the couch with her, all references to time and obligations disappear and I find a deep level of comfortability that allows me to express my vulnerability with this woman. It's incredible ! . Read her other reviews folks, she's got the magic you can't chance missing. Enjoy the challenging experience of wanting while she resets your pleasure's baseline... designed to prompt imaginatively to create tons of wild possibilities leading to discovering the secret everyone deserves to know in order to boldly live your happiest life.
Kate Oliver is a powerful and compassionate healer. I have seen her work with people who have experienced deep trauma, and she has a gift for helping them to access and release the pain that has been trapped in their bodies for years. She is also great at helping people to rebuild their sense of self-worth and self-love after they have been hurt. I highly recommend her services.
Annie L., Los Angeles, CA
Kate's an incredible very smart and educated woman. Her elite level of expertise and years of experience shows as soon as you talk to her. You want the best, you're going to get the best when working with Kate. She's very knowledgeable on various subjects and most important always a great listener. That's something that can't be said for a lot of people, she's very patient to let you express your ideas, opinions or feelings completely without ever rush, even when you can't fully find the words.
Rene Francisco M.
I had the absolute pleasure to share a massage exchange with Kate. She is beautiful, kind, wise, sexy and magical. First we talked on her couch for a while and got to know each other. That was nice. She taught me ways to ask for what I want and how to ask permission before I touch and get constant feedback if there is anything I can do to make it feel even better. After that we went to a wonderful warm room with an electric fire place glowing, nice music and a massage table. As she began my massage she told me about how I should use different strokes on woman. She showed me how to give a proper massage to all of her favorite areas. Her massage felt wonderful. I have never experienced anything like it. During our next session she let me try what I had learned, and it was a very rewarding success. I loved every minute of it.
Today was my first opportunity to meet with Kate. She exceeded all expectations that I had for the massage. She is very knowledgeable and personable. She is wonderful at conveying her wisdom and experience in her own unique way. She has the incredible ability to make one feel very comfortable. She encouraged me to explore areas of my inner self that I was not able to share in the past. She is a wonderful person who exhibits true compassion and is very easy to engage in dialog. Her office and massage room is the perfect setting, aiding in the complete awesome experience. I truly enjoyed my experience and have already scheduled my next appointment with her. I highly recommend her; you will not be disappointed.
You're such an incredible women. I've said it all before. The work you do is meaningful, important; critical to the development of Us as a species. Vital to our survival and ever so relevant to how we interact with those whom we chose to collaborate with; how we interact with those around us. I respect you so much which only serves to heighten the existing aesthetic attraction of your surface beauty, surpassed only by that of your persona internally and your intellect mentally. I'm absolutely blown away by you Kate.